A powerful website design to reflect a powerful business

Dress2kill are London’s best tailors, providing made to measure suits for professional athletes, A-list celebrities, and more. Their in-store experience is paramount, every little detail during the tailoring process being taken care of meticulously. They needed a website to match, a website to reflect and showcase their services and to drive more appointments to their stores.

We encompassed their bold brand colours and dark, classy photography, producing a website that encapsulates the energy and passion behind the brand.

Creative design was used to produce a lookbook style to the website where the utilisation of great photography was key to showcasing the very best of Dress2kill’s work.

A social media strategy designed to impress and attract

Creative striking content was the main driver behind Dress2kill’s social media presence, alongside active community management.

With suits often being worn for big occasions, there was no shortage in high quality content showing the bespoke suits available. Strategically posting various content types aligned with an upcoming events calendar allowed for different types of formal wear to be targeted throughout the year.

This paired with our daily community management service meant people matching Dress2kill’s ideal customer profile were seeing and interacting with their content on a regular basis, both growing Dress2kill’s audience with the right kind of follower, and driving more people to book appointments as a direct response to Dress2kill’s social media strategy.