Live-In Property Management

A bold social media strategy focussed on providing value

We created new social media profiles for Live-In from scratch, setting these up with optimised keywords to ensure the pages were discoverable before rolling out on a detailed content strategy which focussed on providing Live-In’s growing audience with real property-related value, in an already saturated market.

Live-In have had great success through social media, their audience has organically grown to over 1.8K followers on Instagram and their posts receive high levels of engagement. Plus, many prospective tenants have discovered the pages and gone on to rent rooms. A great return on investment.

A bespoke property management website with custom property listing portal

ATOMX provided Live-In Property Management with a full digital overhaul. We started with their web presence, building a bespoke WordPress website which showcased their property management services and case studies to prospective clients.

The website also included a custom property portal where Live-In lists the properties they have available for sale or for rent. This portal was setup with a comprehensive management guide so that it can be managed internally without requiring developer input (or additional costs!).